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About Us

What makes us Unique

This Food & Floristry Establishment is the brainchild of renown DJ Omar Gharbi and his wife Rachel. Having looked for a venue for a few years, they decided on Kew as the home of this creative business.

Omar's culinary experience is vast as he has managed and worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants, Zaika Bazaar, The Good Cook, Nixon, Bluebird Private Members Club (to name a few), with some of the most prestigious chefs John Torrode, Malcom John, Vaneet Bhattia and Allegra McEvedy. While the (changing) menu at The Petal Pusher is discreetly simplistic, it incorporates great flavours, unrivalled freshness and attention to detail which is sometimes lacking from most other establishments.

Omar has also been a musical consultant and DJ to many famous International brands, (for example)  Café Royale, Devonshire Club, Montezuma, Nozomi, Buddha Bar - setting the scene and ambiance in many of these luxurious bars and clubs. His eye for design has won him awards (most beautiful boutique club London) and you can see this creative talent reflected in the atmosphere at The Petal Pusher.

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