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Sample Menus 

With over 50 wines to choose from, our food offering will keep you going throughout your visit.

Our specials change frequently however our SAMPLE MENU provides a good indication as to the type of food we serve.


All of our specials are made by us, offering you a fresh, innovative selection of dishes - which also compliment our standard wine bar menu.


Crowd Pleasers  

Mixed Charcuterie Board                                                                                 £18.25  

Cheese Board                                                                                                £13.95

Ultimate Charcuterie & Cheese Board                                                                 £23.95

Nachos with Black Beans, Homemade Guac, Salsa, Sour Cream                           £12.95  


Meat & Fish  

Salt Beef on Brioche with Rocket, Tomato, Parmesan side salad.                              £13.95 

Prawns, Crispy Onions, Spicy Mayo, Japanese Pickle & Edamame                          £9.95 

Bresaola with Rocket, Parmesan & Truffle oil                                                         £10.95

Chicken Tacos with Red Onion, Salsa, Coriander (2)                                            £9.50 

Prawn Ceviche with Avocado & Grapefruit                                                         £11.95 

Black Beans with Sour Cream & Cheese                                                            £6.75  

+Chicken £1.95  



Burrata with Tomatoes, Rocket & Pesto Dressing                                                  £8.95

Avocado & Grapefruit Ceviche                                                                       £8.95 

Black Bean & Avocado Tacos, Cheese, Salsa, Coriander (2)                               £9.50 

Camembert with Clover Honey & Greek Truffle Oil                                            £5.75 

Manchego                                                                                                 £6.75 


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