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Math Resource Studio Professional (April-2022)




Mr. Varsity is a free app for students of all ages to review their grade level math workstation, study for tests, and practice for quizzes and exams. While the app runs in the background, you can still use your other apps! It is a must have for students that are ready to move on to the next grade, ready to study for a test, or just need to review their work. The app includes formulas, structures, algorithms, and timelines. In addition to this, it has an equation editor, graphing calculator, and (customizable) worksheets. New features: -Optional graph export- Option to turn on notification for math- Create an assignment and let other people give you feedback- Create a quiz or exam- Mark answers- Add images, videos, and equations (coming soon) Mr. Varsity helps students understand and retain math skills in all areas of the grade levels, from 1st grade, through high school. **Important notice:** Mr. Varsity supports the use of Apple's proprietary iOS API, including the ability to create and open local documents (such as.html and.rtf) and Apple apps. This app uses the following Apple services: iCloud, Game Center, In-App Purchases, Matching Profiles and Game Center Contacts. We are in full compliance with all of Apple's App Store guidelines. If you enjoy using this app, please consider leaving us an honest review in the App Store by clicking this link: ** This app is free for individual users, however, to use all of the features of this app, you will need a school or organization account. The basic account is free. The premium account will allow your students to take their math tests, create quizzes, view feedback, and more. Mr. Varsity is brought to you by the Math Resource Studio, a team of developers with expertise in the creation of fun and easy to use apps for the iOS platform. Chia Knees Math Coach is designed to be used by individuals or small group learning environments in a more personal setting. Easy to set up and user friendly, this app is perfect for students or professionals of all skill levels. Start with a blank slate, choose any math or subject, or select a course



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Math Resource Studio Professional (April-2022)
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